Gingerbread Party Kit

Gingerbread Party Kit

Perfect for the holidays, we are thrilled to offer our Gingerbread Party Kit until December 23rd! This limited-edition Party Kit includes everything you need to host a gingerbread #sugarcraftparty on your own—no oven required! Our experienced team of event planners and bakers will prepare the exact right quantities of cookies, icing, and sprinkles for your Holiday Cookie Decorating event. Starter package includes 30 cookies,10 pre-filled piping bags (one bag will cover a minimum of three cookies), and 10 (.75 oz) assorted sprinkles {decorating materials scale based on cookie quantities}.

  • COOKIE INGREDIENTS: Butter (milk, salt), brown sugar, eggs, molasses, unbleached flour, ginger, baking soda, allspice, cinnamon, nutmeg, salt

    ICING INGREDIENTS: Confectioners sugar, meringue powder, food coloring gel paste

    CONTAINS ALLERGENS: Wheat, eggs 


    Our Cookie Decorating Kits are made to order and have a shelf-life of two weeks from delivery. To preserve freshness, you can also freeze the cookie packages and defrost them on the day you plan to decorate. Icing can be left in a cool, dark place until use. If you notice any color separation (which happens with darker hues), simply massage the piping bag to re-mix the contents. Alternatively, you can decant the frosting into a bowl, add a few drops of water, and give it a stir to blend it back together.

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