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Hugs and Kisses Mini Kit (3 Cookies)

Hugs and Kisses Mini Kit (3 Cookies)

*MINIMUM THREE BOXES* This adorable personal cookie decorating kit is ideal for a Valentine's Day party! Each box contains three signature shortbread cookies in an XO, heart, and cupid heart shape, three mini piping bags filled with royal icing in white and soft pink, and three complementing sprinkles! 

  • 3 COOKIES (2-5 INCHES, depending on shapes selected): Butter (milk, salt), sugar, eggs, vanilla bean, vanilla extract, unbleached flour

    ROYAL ICING (1 OZ BAGS EACH): Confectioners sugar, meringue powder, food coloring gel paste

    CONTAINS ALLERGENS: Wheat, eggs 

    SPRINKLES (.5 OZ EACH) Ingredients vary  

  • Our Cookie Decorating Kits are made to order and have a shelf-life of two weeks from delivery. You can also freeze the cookie packages and defrost them on the day you plan to decorate. Icing can be left in a cool, dark place until use. If you notice any color separation—which can happen with darker hues—place the bag in a bowl of warm water, then give it a roll on the counter to re-mix the contents and adjust consistency and color. Alternatively, you can decant the frosting into a bowl, add a few drops of water, and give it a stir with the popsicle stick to blend it back together.

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