Stars and Stripes Kit (12 Cookies)

Stars and Stripes Kit (12 Cookies)

Kick off the long weekend with something sweet! You'll receive a dozen delicious pre-baked vanilla bean-flecked shortbread cookies in themed holiday shapes (shooting star, flag, star, and number 4), three piping bags filled with royal icing in red, white, and blue, and a curated assortment of four sprinkles to help you commemorate Memorial Day and the start of summer! 

  • 12 COOKIES (2-3 INCHES): Butter (milk, salt), sugar, eggs, vanilla bean, vanilla extract, unbleached flour

    ICING (1 OZ BAGS EACH): Confectioners sugar, meringue powder, food coloring gel paste

    CONTAINS ALLERGENS: Wheat, eggs 

    SPRINKLES (.5 OZ EACH) Ingredients vary  

  • Our Cookie Decorating Kits are made to order and have a shelf-life of two weeks from delivery. You can also freeze the cookie packages and defrost them on the day you plan to decorate. Icing can be left in a cool, dark place until use. If you notice any color separation—which can happen with darker hues—place the bag in a bowl of warm water, then give it a roll on the counter to re-mix the contents and adjust consistency and color. Alternatively, you can decant the frosting into a bowl, add a few drops of water, and give it a stir with the popsicle stick to blend it back together.